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Hey Product Hunt! A big thanks to @nireyal for hunting us & @bentossell for the help! Our size guide is a free tool created to help designers, marketers & small business owners get through the mental maze of online ad research. You might have already seen the Size Guide 1.0 when we first launched a year ago. Well it’s got bigger and even more useful now with added channels and downloadable Sketch files as well as PSD’s. We’ve also included the ability to search directly for specs and a Facebook ad image checker, had a name change and just made it a whole lot better looking. Here it is, use it, tell us what you think and what we can do to keep improving it!
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@andrewmichaelsa Add a last updated date to each template & link to the "official" platform announcement of that spec. (It's not that I don't trust y'all....but I can't be wrong. So I might neurotically double-check.) If your platform updates first, you become gospel. 24 hours is too late.
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@kkdub great idea again Kelly and easily done, might try squeeze it in this week.
@g___a 🙌 thanks!
Cool 😎 tool guys! Totally helpful for busy #growthhackers. As I have said to you from the first edition, try adding language versions (to avoid copycats) and add more search engines like bing, yandex, baidu etc... Keep the Hustle!
@panispieri thanks for the feedback man
@nassaraf @panispieri ok cool - so the voting has begun on yandex then..
@panispieri Thank for the feedback mate
I wish these templates illustrated how each platform automatically resizes some formats for mobile.
@kkdub Hey Kelly we have had this a lot and is in the pipeline for the next iteration :)
@andrewmichaelsa Yay! Anything illogical is awesome to have captured in a guide --> less to remember/learn/be sadly surprised by.
I've been using your size guide for a while. I hardly bookmark anything and your site is one that I do bookmark. Thanks for keeping this up to date
@itsjv that's cool. We noticed that we have a lot of people who come back so we appreciate that. Feel free to let us know if you ever think that something is missing.
@itsjv thanks dude!
A great, easy to use tool.. even for a technically challenged person like myself. Also had great feedback and interaction sessions with you. Those who look after their customers needs always win. Great work guys.