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Nice work guys, my advice is not to add yahoo or whatever, just stick with the social media platforms (like you do now) and you will do great, best of luck!
@aivenkov can you elaborate why?
@_abdelhai Sure, Mustafa. Product-focused strategy will fit in the best shape for such goals and purposes same as "Adsvise", So if the team here decided to look over different platforms that doesn't related to "Social Media" like putting all up together in order to "satisfy their fans as much as they can" then they will lose their unique touch in this business, i'm sure that they will expand but they need to keep focusing on what they want in the first place. I hope i have answered your inquiry.
This is awesome—thank you, @andrewmichaelsa & @george_vou!
@natesmoyer @george_vou Thank you Nate, let us know what can be done better please :)
@natesmoyer @andrewmichaelsa thank you - let's see how we can make it better
Awesome! Finally somebody provided a handy tool on this. Please kindly keep it updated so that we can use it for long time.
@elaineluyi that's the plan :)
This is a perfect tool that every marketer should have in their artillery- Yahoo would be a good addition to the list: https://adspecs.yahoo.com/
@foleyeo we are on it at the moment!
Please let us know how we can make Adsvise better. We are here to hear from you now!