Adioma for Powerpoint

Make beautiful infographic presentations fast

Fully editable infographic templates for presentations. For PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides.

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Hi everyone, last time we gave away free infographic slides about 100,000 people downloaded. So this time we made the slides much better - more diagrams, editable charts, photos, and mockups. It’s free. Here are the download instructions.
@annavitals thanks. these look great and will save tons of time.
It would be great to add more icons in the end of the presentation.
@sergey_shishov good point. We’ll do an update soon.
@sergey_shishov we' ve added icons in the previous version of presentation, you can take it from there

I use power point all the time to make presentations for work, I am so tired of standard templates and design that can actually use something new


fresh and unconventional. Better than boring standard power point graphs


everything is dark

Thank you for the feedback. We did include the light theme too. With the dark it's a strategic decision - because how the presentation looks when you put it on the actual screen depends on the lighting in the room. So for a dark room darker colors look great and put less stress on the eyes.
Great job !! Would love to try it out 😊
Easy and helpful