Adieu blocks ads, and lets you choose what to see instead

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Adieu is an ad blocker of sorts—but better. It keeps you from seeing annoying ads, but still pays publishers for the content they produce. Our trick: we use your dollars and the existing ad retargeting system, letting you pay for your own ads, putting pictures of cats, your kids, or whatever else you choose.
I should note that this works without a plugin, without any software to install. It also doesn't require publishers to opt in. We simply buy ads at existing ad auctions and let you control what you see in those ads. They become "rads", repurposed ads at that point. It's a little bit of a funny idea, so I'm happy to answer any questions.
@mankins If I understand correctly, this works fine if the publisher is on one of the retargeting networks that you utilize. However, what about the publishers that are not on one of these retargeting networks? I'm assuming that these sites just aren't changed, since there is no plugin. Very interesting idea, although I wouldn't describe it as an ad-blocker - more like a way to take control of ad retargeting via direct purchase. The downside seems to be that you are only influencing a small amount of the total inventory a user sees, as it's only remnant retargeting.
@kevinakiralee Your analysis is correct. This is the first product of our company which is trying to come up with another way to monetize content besides banner ads. So some of the way we're positioning the product is a result of that trajectory. Some of the more successful uses I've seen deal with behavior change. We have a rad that suggests you eat more veggies for instance:
Kudos for thinking of an 'out-of-the-box' solution to the problem!
How does the money get back to the publishers?
@blendahtom We're buying ads, so the publishers receive the revenue the same way they would for other ads. We're able to increase the money publishers receive because we're able to bid higher than advertisers would for the same impression. All of this is possible because the consumer is buying their own ad. Does that help?
Very smart idea, @mankins, congratulations!
@andreaspizsa Thanks! Hope you enjoy using it. And stick around, we're taking the idea of putting the consumer back in control of their web browsing to new and exciting places. :)