Adidas’ ubiquitous Ultra Boost is made up in six Game of Thrones-inspired colorways, taking references from the Lannister and Targaryen houses, as well as the Night’s Watch and the White Walkers.
  • Lydia Sugarman
    Lydia SugarmanCEO/Founder



    Over-priced, mediocre attempt to cash in.

    Took an existing model and just pseudo-designed theme-based versions. Not impressed, especially at $180.

    Lydia Sugarman has never used this product.
  • Benjamin Libor
    Benjamin LiborBuilding products, writing stories

    like the GoT theme


    production environment is not fair, overpriced


    Benjamin Libor has used this product for one day.
White Walker's version is looks pretty cool :)
@albertshepherdson White Walker's and Targaryen Dragons are my favorite.
I need all of them 😍
What is the price?
@albert_arshakyan 180$US ; 250$CA 😱
Slick co-brand. Nike, can we get custom Product Hunt shoes? 🙏🏼
@rrhoover Oh i wish :D we have a Product Hunt song though
If Nike won't I bet Lakai would! They made some awesome custom ones for our band. I'd buy a PH shoe and wear it proudly. I'd also rock these Adidas, really well done elevated co-brand approach!
House Targaryen is my favorite.