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Is it just me or this looks like a total ripoff of AdEspresso's facebook ads gallery?
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@pieroborgo LOL yes, the design is a total ripoff of our Facebook Ads Gallery ... but to differentiate, they're charging $$ for it while we offer it free :P
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@pieroborgo ah, it's pretty shameless! I'm hoping no one would pay for something AdEspresso offers for free :p
@massimocw @pieroborgo big thumbs up for AdEspresso πŸ‘
Now, this is a great idea! I'm really interested to know how they're getting these ads - thought they'd be just images of the ads, but they actually appear to be *the* ads themselves!
I'd love to see Instagram ads, I've been designing them recently and haven't seen an Instagram App Install before.
@brackin Looks like Adicted only features FB ads currently. We have some great examples of Instagram ad campaigns on our end though if you're interested:
Stumbled on this earlier today, looks like a great resource for some creative inspiration for Facebook advertisers.
Awesome, always glad to see how others are creating Facebook ads for inspiration :)