Full-page playable notifications with Unity3D

Next-Generation push notifications for Android

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Francis Doumet
Hi everybody — We’re thrilled to be on PH for the first time to introduce Adenda, the next-generation push notification platform for Android! Thanks @klngnbrg for the hunt! Our SDK allows you to push full-page, interactive, and rich media content straight to the lock screens of users who have opted in. We turn push notifications into full applications in their own right! Notifications pushed through Adenda have an engagement rate of up to 10 times higher than that of traditional push notifications. Today, we are introducing our integration with Unity3D, the popular cross-platform gaming engine that has been used on over 2.4 billion mobile devices. Mobile game developers can now push full-page playable notifications straight to their users, and even have the option to monetize from outside the game. I’m happy to answer any questions!
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Alec Garcia
Code 👨‍💻, coffee ☕️, and travel ✈️.
Throwback to the old Locket days. RIP.
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Phones seem like they were taken from 2010 :/ Why?!