Discover customer personas through your data

#5 Product of the DayMarch 01, 2019

Effortlessly surface the traits, actions and sentiment from the data sitting in your lap to give you ultimate clarity on your customers tastes and needs.

Access Adduco's free, real-time Insights Canvas in just a few clicks to see for yourself.

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👋🏼 Hey PH-family, After two years of hard graft in the trenches, we’re excited to launch with a big mission: to redefine the way consumer brands understand customers, deliver content and personalise digital experiences with our customer data platform, Adduco. Last Nov we released our beta enterprise plan to a pilot group of brands…but we think it’s even more fun to share the love with the ProductHunt family by offering the Insights component of our platform FOR FREE: 🛠 With lightning fast integrations to wherever your data sits, you can now effortlessly surface customer traits, actions and sentiment with as little as your Facebook, Instagram and Google Analytics connected. 🔮 Adduco instantly builds a 360º view of your audience by piping any mix of data sources that you connect, inferring different insights from each to find ultimate clarity on their tastes and needs. If that floats your boat, activate a free Startup plan here - Why offer free insight? We’re super keen to learn how ANY business uses this component of our platform, so lay the good (yay), the bad (ugh) and the ugly (eek) on us. Our goal is to build the most functional CDP in market and we won’t get there without your help. Also…if you drop 👉🏼 #SeeMore 👈🏼 in a comment on our post I’ll send you beta access to the rest of the platform - which includes: 🥑 Campaign Composer - Create experiences customers love with powerful content tools 🧠 Loyalty Engine - Relationship iteration system for systematic growth 👩🏼‍💻 Audience Builder - Individual-level analysis to enhance the data in your hands Who wouldn’t want loyalty tracking, personalised content tools and custom audience builders…(plus did someone say automated Facebook ads?? 😏) Thank you for all the support. We’re conscious that you may want to access the entire platform or may have technical questions - Evan, Riley and I will be on hand and here to answer anything that pops to mind. Cheers, Rees - Founder of Adduco @reesvinsen

I've been following Adduco and the team for over a year now and am extremely excited about the product they're building.


Great source of analytics across the board + a really simple, yet powerful UI


No ideas for improvement as of yet

We always appreciate your continued support and feedback, Ryan - we're just as excited as you.
@ilya_azovtsev Thank you Ilya. Try out a demo on our website or use Adduco free at We look forward to sharing our product with you.
Just some general quick feedback... I opened this page in a new tab along with many others... when I came to this tab, I actually had no idea what the product was about. Your heading on the landing page is "Pricing that grows as you do"... it didn't tell me anything about the product. I had to come back to Product Hunt to see what the product actually does so that I had some context when looking at the page again. Perhaps make your headline what you have here on PH? "Discover customer personas through your data"
@colinwinhall Thank you for your feedback Colin. This message will be passed on to and handled by members in our team. We hope the rest of your experience has been splendid ☺️
@colinwinhall Cheers for the helpful feedback Colin, much appreciated. I can see what you mean! We'll make this improvement today.
How would I use this in concert with Gainsight and Pendo?
@shloky We don’t currently support integrations for Gainsight and Pendo...yet 😉 Happy to take a look and give you an ETA on integration for these two, if you’d like?