AddThis Chrome Extension

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Hey there I'm with AddThis. Let me know if you have any questions.
@thorpus — Hey Justin! Do you target AddThis as a product for anyone and everyone? Or is there a certain type of user it's best for?
@muldster chrome plugin or in general?
@thorpus — Speaking generally, though it would be interesting to also know who the Chrome plugin is "for" (aside from folks who use Chrome)
@muldster AddThis is a marketing toolset for anyone that has a website. Our goal is to use these tools to make the Web more personal and engaging, so that website owners can meet more of their goals (i.e. downloads, subscribers, fans, follows). Additionally, we've taken the functionality of some of our sharing/engagement tools and baked them into browser extensions so any user can have access to them, regardless of whether AddThis is used on the website.
The website link doesnt work. It says it dosent exist?