addappt for Apple Watch

‘Live’ contacts updated by friends with one tapp messaging

We are excited to bring addappt on the Apple Watch to all the early adopters (or can I take the liberty of saying 'early addappters :) at Product Hunt. We have a long way to go and would love to answer any questions or hear your suggestions - we genuinely like to listen. We started development for 'tapp' in about summer last year and launched it for iPhones and Android phones last November. Now we believe 'tapp' is uniquely positioned to be the best free messaging experience for the Apple Watch working across to Android phones as well. On the iPhone, we had introduced a "super favorite" with a shake to call .. on the Apple Watch, it is a Glance, which picks up your very first favorite listed. And oh Yes - we added the vulcan salute for all our Trekkie fans (!). Finally and very importantly, I would also like to quickly assure everyone that we do not store one's tapp messages and contacts on our servers and nor do we spam your contacts.