AddApp 2.0

Track health data and get personalized insights daily

Very interesting style and colors they are going for here.
Hi @larkef! Thanks! Hi everyone! I am the CEO & Co-founder of Addapp and I'd be happy to answer your questions and hear your thoughts.
@kouriskalligas Good UI. Curious why the need to integrate individual with apps & devices when you have HealthKit on iOS. Tag line could be a lot stronger.
@arjunram thank you! We've been around for a year now testing and we had already integrations with these devices & apps and we didn't have the time to integrate with Healthkit. But we plan to have healthkit onboard by end of November! Also at the moment not all devices & apps are on healthkit but this will certainly change in the coming months! Let me know if you have more questions!
@kouriskalligas are the insights/tips presented customized based on your past behavior (after syncing with Jawbone Up, iHealth, etc.)?
@rrhoover Hi Ryan! Once you sign up we give you 3 insights based on the metrics you have (total sleep, calorie consumption etc.). These are informational insights but targeted on what you are already tracking. After some time (it can take minutes/hours) we give you insights based on your past behavior indeed. For now we've decided to give you 2 insights per day. We think it's a good number to begin with. We are able to provide insights with strong relationships (deep sleep vs fat consumption, or running distance and the effect on your calorie consumption the next day) or metric insights against your peers (you're on the top 10% of active users) or metric insights against your own stats (you're on the top 10% of most time slept). For each insight we try to give you more than just the headline, meaning a description, a suggestion, a visual/graph, and something relevant to read (article, study). There can be different variations for each insight. We also are busy creating new type of insights which we think it will amaze people using Addapp. In the coming weeks/months we will be implementing them! Let me know if you have any other questions!
Kouris and his team have done great job with AddApp. Congrats!