Unlimited ads for startups and agencies

#4 Product of the DayJune 10, 2019
AdBunny is a done for you unlimited ad creation and management for up to 6 ad platforms offered at a flat monthly rate. No payroll. No benefits. No stress.
Hey Product Hunt, I created this productized service after realizing that startups and agencies are in need of ad management that allows them to scale profitably with simple monthly rates and unlimited ad creation services. The goal is to help as many startup companies and agencies scale through paid advertising while allowing them to stay profitable with their efforts. The beauty is the ability to subscribe and unsubscribe as you please, which is where most companies hesitate to work with an agency (because of long contracts and steep fees). You could choose to work with a freelancer but chances are that the experience is not there, so with AdBunny you get the best of both worlds. Luis
@luis_camacho Nice work buddy, you've been giving a lot of effort and spoke to countless startup entrepreneurs - I'm looking forward to see this play out.
@martijn_verbove Thank you for the support Martijn🙌🏻
Congrats on your launch. Few Q's: Have you got a portfolio link? Secondly, I know every designer has a different style and skill level, but how does this compare to e.g AdZombies or Design Pickle?
Hey @ryanleverington! Thank you. This is not like AdZombies or Design Pickle. We don't design the creative for you. We write the copy & actually run & manage the ads. Let me know if there are any other questions!🙏🏻
@luis_camacho Adzombies actually just create copy, Not creatives. So basically your USP is the Combination of ad copy & actually running/managing campaigns? Secondly, Do you offer a money back guarantee or any sort of trial? $500-$1k/Month is a big ask for an unknown startup, that may deliver zero results. . . Finally, I do not see any terms of service, privacy or GDPR Compliance etc.
@luis_camacho @ryanleverington Had the same concerns. These are great targets to work towards. A good portfolio of case studies would really help with conversions. For the same price, people can go with whitelabel PPC/FB ads with companies that have thousands of case studies and offer full service. This is (on a basic level) a rebranding of white labels. These are not complaints but pointers to maybe help you get on a more useful track. See Refeul4.. maybe find a way to incorporate their creatives system? Work with designers and freelancers and have your dashbaord populated with creatives that users can accept or reject?
@ryanleverington Understand that AdZombies is just copy, which is why I didn't state it was like AdZombies. There's a 14 day risk-free time period where a refund is guaranteed with all plans. AdBunny is an extension of our agency, which focuses on the same startup space, but works with companies with larger budgets who are able to afford agency retainers, contracts, etc and need an agency. All case studies that are had are under the name of the agency which upon request would be happy to provide, after all its the same level of expertise going into this, the difference is the limited amount of "work" due to the items included in each package. There are terms of service on the sales pages. Hopefully, that answers some of the concerns. @atifnoor93 Thanks for the feedback!🙏
@ryanleverington @atifnoor93 @luis_camacho I'm curious, and was thinking about starting to dip my toe into some advertising for my agency. But I'm trying to do my own research into the legitimacy here, and based on what you said, Luis, I tried to find AdBunny info online and landed here, which doesn't have me feeling good. Can you share a bit more bona fides?
Well done, good luck! Let's have a catch up soon!
@thiagoafram Thank you Thiago, and let's definitely!
@luis_camacho is the real deal, congrats on this. Upvoted 🔝
@brad_smith2 Thank you brother! Appreciate the support, hope all is well🙌🏻
Looks really interesting @luis_camacho . Can I ask how you gauge success? Also, does your fee include media spend? Cheers
Hey @simon_christopherson! The plans do not include the media spend. Success is gauged on the KPIs that are set by both client & us during strategy call!