Adblock Plus

Popular content blocking has its own browser

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Conrad, desktop adblock is rowing 40% YoY with no signs of slowing down.
Though I'm a big fan of the regular Adblock browser extension I'm pretty sure I won't be using Adblock Plus. Safari on the iPhone has all the cool stuff that makes it a pleasure to use. So I'm looking forward to use Crystal , which basically is an extension to iOS Safari - much like Adblock on the desktop.
@t55 Now if Adblock Plus would make their own version like Crystal. I guess this is just the beginning.
Very curious to see how this compares with the iOS 9 Safari Content Blocking feature...
@chrismessina Pre-emptive strike I suppose? When iOS9 drops, 3rd party content blockers will have a brief struggle, and then the winners will go on to become a household name most likely. At which point, they'd be in a position to go "back to the Mac" as it were by having the mindshare about a previously niche product. Could become a competitive problem eventually for the current browser-based adblock brands (that is, supposing they're not the winners in the iOS9 3rd party content blocker bonanza).
Interesting! However would like to ask Wladimir Palant what's the differences between this and Safari Content Blocker?
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