Adblock Analytics 2.0

Gain insights into visitor ad blocking activity

Ok but what will happen if your script is blocked by ad blockers? uBlock Origin blocks domain
@joancaron Hi Joan! I don't see why ad blockers would block our script because we don't display ads, track website visitors, use cookies or ask adblock using visitors to disable their adblockers. We're solely interested in educating websites on how they're being impacted by ad blocking technology. Would love to receive your feedback after trying out our service.
@amped Hi Ashley, your domain name seems to be blacklisted. This list is used by default by uBlock Origin
@joancaron I don't see why it would be since we're not an ad network nor do we display ads. Thanks for the heads up!
I'm the founder & creator of Adblock Analytics. Very excited to share our service with Product Hunt today and I'm here to answer any questions that might pop up. We've increased our free trial to 25,000 unique visitors for hunters and would love for you to try out our service. As you know, ad blocking is an extremely hot topic and will only become more so as more people adopt the technology. The purpose of our service is education and we don't display any ads or ask ad blocking visitors to disable their ad blocker - we're only interested in reporting if ads were visible or not. By informing websites of this metric it allows them to have an educated discussion about their revenue strategy and it gives them the opportunity to make changes if necessary. If needed, I can be reached directly at Happy hunting! :)
Great idea for those that rely on ads
@itsnblackburn Hi Nathaniel, we think that our solution can be apart of the positive discussion around how to fix online advertising. Thanks for the feedback!
Super interesting product! Would love to try it out. I'm just wondering, though, does this really work without any cookies or tracking in any way? How does the system detect if a user is using Adblock? It's a relevant question as it might - apparently - be (or soon become) illegal to track if people use Adblock or not in the EU.
@sunebthorsen Hi Sune! We've documented our detection method here: As you can see, it doesn't use cookies, track users or access any private browser data, instead it only looks to see if a file called "ads.js" was loaded or not. Concerning the EU, if they labelled the detection of ad blocking illegal then it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that the usage of common JavaScript libraries (ie. jQuery) as also being illegal. The reason being is that those scripts determine which platform & browser is being used and adjust accordingly so that they work for all system configurations. In other words, the modern web runs on the ability to know certain things about the users who visit a website and what their systems are capable of. Thanks for the feedback & please reach out with your thoughts after trying Adblock Analytics.