Get paid to pedal. Advertise on your bike 🇬🇧

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And for drivers, there's Wrapify. Request for startup: a service that pays me to walk.
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@rrhoover Give me a PH hoddie i will walk around everywhere wearing it for free :P
@rrhoover Actually there is StickerRide for drivers and Wrapify is just clone of our platform) Moreover, in UK you have Car Quids who are offering a little bit different, but also smart product.
@rrhoover pay me and my dog.
@rrhoover @h_halvi please checkout (@swagggle). If @producthunt is interested, please let me know. @fann_ash Swagggle is pet friendly as well
Just want to share some info, how our system works: Cyclists can easily earn money for each mile they ride on their own bicycles. It is necessary to download our application, install stickers at our assembly points, and look at how the miles they have travelled are turning into real money. By taking part in advertising campaigns, each cyclist will be part of a warm community. AdBike provides a great opportunity for advertisers to run a promotion on bicycles. Furthermore, our innovative online back-end solution offers real time media metrics on each campaign. We create interactive marketing campaigns, where an advertiser can get maximum involvement from the audience of the outdoor media. Any questions are appreciated :)
@sergey_elizarov Here in Amsterdam, anywhere you park your bike is a public display of the advert. Actually it gives it more time for people to look at it due to it not moving? As someone who lives and work in the strict city center that might be ever better. Do let me know if you want to come to Ams and I am 100% up for this.
@jpknegtel Thank you! After UK we will definitely expand to Ams, this is a must "do" for us) If you can drop us an email: it would be great! Let's stay in touch :)
@sergey_elizarov Great idea. Any plans to move into the US?
@bradmichelson Thank you! First of all we want to cover UK, then most of the European "cycle" cities. Hopefully, we can get enough resources and time to expand into US while expanding to Europe!
This is the future of passive income -- we will be using every possible space to try and monetize it to make some "passive income." Will be interesting to see how this space evolves in the next 9-15 months.
@mrsharma make my body NASCAR
Sounds like a good idea. I've read about a company in India that was doing this with cars, they where pretty big at the time. Hope you can achieve your goals.
@gabrielreynard Thank you, Gabriel! What was the name of this India company?
@sergey_elizarov I can't find it, searched on Google but no results. But the history behind was a serial entrepreneur who also have a airline company that does free flights inside the country, and they make money by selling goods at the airport, airplane and others. I read that about 3 or 4 five years ago.
I am stuck on the part of viewing the ad while its moving (the ads on the wheels specifically). Generally the faster you go, sure the more miles you travel and the more you get paid but the faster the advertisement is blurred. It's a catch 22, am I right? I'm sure the creators have thought about this. I think there needs to a graphic or video to show how this actually works because as an Advertiser - I'm not necessary sold on this particular model of miles traveled as the criterion.
@tayler2412 Thank you for your attention to details) Let me explain how it works. Each marketing campaign with AdBike is completely adapted to advertiser needs and wants. There are different ways of advertising on wheels, which can be modified for speed (For example, pizza can be recognised on the wheels while cyclist is riding fast.) Nevertheless, our platform is based on point measurement, where different factors are combined. For example, we can limit the speed of cyclist, so with the excess speed he/she will receive less points per mile/km. It is important to mention that, most of the points will be awarded in the cities, where there are a lot of traffics and traffic lights, thus cyclist will drive with reasonable speed and have a lot of stops as well. Lastly, for us it is important to value cyclist participation, therefore our system includes the parking time and release points to cyclist while he/she is riding in the place, where advertiser doesn’t specify points for award.