The gig tracker for the working musician

#4 Product of the DayOctober 22, 2019
Adagio is the gig tracker for the working musician. Musicians are able to organize and track gigs, venues and payments so that they can easily know their financial situation.
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Hello! My name is Mike - I'm a bootstrapper from Italy and today I'm launching Adagio. 🚀 I'm a jazz musician and, as my career progressed and I played more gigs, it became increasingly difficult to stay on top of paid and unpaid gigs. That's why I created Adagio. Adagio is a gig tracker. With just a quick glance at the dashboard, I am now able to answer questions like: - How much have I earned this year? - How much did I earn this month? - How many gigs are still to be paid? - What's a venue I didn't play recently that I can outreach to? Here are some features of the platform: ➡️Manually add gigs or import them automatically from Bandsintown® to quickly see how many gigs you played, which were paid and which were not. ➡️A smart feature reminds you about upcoming gigs, unpaid gigs and venues you played years ago (that you probably forgot about). Reaching out to those venues again is a quick way to add more gigs to your next tour! If you are a musician like me, I'm excited for you to try Adagio and track your first gigs!
@mikerubini Fun project, Mike. I'm not a musician myself, but I can imagine that this would scratch an itch for those who are
@mikerubini So very well done Mike, we'll spread the word to our audience. Let's catch soon :)
@mikerubini This is a product of great value for the music as a profession, great to see on PH!
Really interesting project, Mike. I can understand the value for a musician.
@angelosorbello1 Thanks! A lot of musicians are non-technical. At best, they use a spreadsheet to keep track of their shows, so I really hope this product can help them in a powerful way!
Seems like an obvious fit for musicians who don't have a specified tool for this. It feels like it could grow into a full fledged musician CRM. Price point seems great as well
It's so easy to lose track of which gigs have paid and which haven't - I definitely think a lot of musicians will benefit from this product.
Looks great, keep it up. You should continue working on this part-time and keep improving both functionalities & design. I can see that in the future it will be useful to many other musicians.
@owenfar1 Thanks! I will!