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Now for mobile ads, you can learn what competitors are doing, how much they are spending and the exact ads they are using. This is a must-have tool for anyone doing paid mobile app acquisition.
Love this idea. Really curious about how this performs for lower-ranking apps with much less competition and ad-spend.
@saulsutcher Thanks for the kind words! I'm the lead engineer & creator of Ad Intelligence here at Sensor Tower. We currently have robust ad data for hundreds of thousands of apps around the world (big and small) -- and that number is growing. Here's one use case for someone with a small budget: Using our "Creative Gallery" an advertiser can see which types of ads are converting the best across the mobile ecosystem, instead of spending thousands of dollars testing many versions of their own creatives. They can then borrow elements of the top creatives for their own art direction.
interesting. Onavo reborn in a way. question: how exhaustive is that information? how do you know which creative and network contributed to the best peforrmance? the only real way is to measure all data points via a VPN or equivalent, otherwise the information is not accurate and useful enough. You would know overall that an app gained x position in a rank maybe y number of downloads: but which creative and which network and in particular which publisher was particularly working (in particular analysing facebook and twitter). I see that as a possible limitation
@ourielohayon Hey Ouriel, we collect hundreds of millions of mobile ad impressions from all the major ad networks. We have a similar methodology to what Onavo had in place: we have a mobile panel of users that is representative of where UA folks are spending today. We show impression trends for each creative so you can make an assumption about CTR. We plan to show CTR in future updates coming soon!
@alexmalafeev @ourielohayon you got me lost here. Do you like Onavo have a mobile app that is a gateway of all data incoming/outgoing? or have a different approach? how large is your sample? and how do you actually collect the CTR/CVR?