Ad-Blocker for Safari

The cleanest browsing experience, right on iOS.

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Klaas Schoenmaker
Klaas SchoenmakerHunter@klaasscho98 · Student and Software Developer
Hey guys! My name is Klaas Schoenmaker, a 17 year old developer from the Netherlands and co-developer of this app. This summer I won an Apple WWDC Scholarship, and there I met Wouter Stierhout (15 years old, Twitter: @WouterStierhout). Since then Wouter and I have been working on Ad-Blocker for iOS. What makes this app special is that it's very easy for other people to add their own filters, we think this adds an extra dimension to the app. When iOS 9 launches (probably around september 9th) we hope Ad-Blocker will be ready to ship, until then, please enjoy our website ( and watch our Twitter (@SFAdBlocker) for more info and about the app and its status. Thanks a lot!
Sean Do
Sean Do@everywheresean · Web Developer - Photographer
Okay, the real question is... Is Ad-blocker really helping the internet or killing it?