Acute Feedback

Deliver exceptional products by listening to your customers

Acute helps businesses continuously improve their products and customer experiences by turning user feedback into actionable insights.
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🎉 Hi, Product Hunters! 🎉 I am so excited to finally launch! Acute was made with the aim of helping businesses become truly customer-centric. We believe that customer feedback is the backbone of any business and that the only way to improve your product and business process is through valuable insights. "Customer centricity is an approach to doing business that focuses on providing a positive customer experience in order to drive profit and gain competitive advantage." - Leslie Cottenje, Hello Customer From my experience in launching self-funded and bootstrapped products, the one thing that helped us grow the most has been our obsession with the customer. Focusing on customer satisfaction and happiness has helped us stand out from the crowd, get numerous positive reviews, get extremely loyal customers, and somehow attract competitors' customers to switch. While it has become the norm now to have extremely good customer service, I truly believe that the next step will be extremely good customer feedback. It's the only way to keep up in this fast-growing market and our fast-paced trend culture. Let's talk about the elephant in the room: competition. Yes, Acute is not the first voting board system out there. There are plenty of other services and we applaud you, we don't want to steal from you and we do not want to be you. We believe that there is enough market for everyone, that competition is good and we truly believe in what we are building. How are we different than the competition? Acute aims to help businesses improve the entire feedback process. That includes: - collecting feedback from users, prospects, team members, etc - putting that feedback into context - selecting the features that support your product strategy and goals - prioritizing the high-impact features - keeping your community informed about the status of each feedback A few features that are specific to us: - In-app widget - Priotization system based on the RICE framework - Average voter MRR per feedback If you've made it this far thank you so much! We are offering all Product Hunters an extended trial of 4 weeks and also a 75% discount with the PRODUCTHUNT coupon code. * the coupon code will be available up until your trial expiration date I would really appreciate your honest feedback and constructive criticism. 🙂
Looks interesting! Not building a Saas atm (only a Newsletter), but could be helpful. Which does lead into a relevant question I want answered: Does it integrate with other tools? Or is there an API to hook onto? I imagine existing processes/tools that are used by a company will want to add the feedback into their existing system.
@askjibran Thank you! Adding integrations for other tools (Jira, Github, Intercome, Zendesk etc) and an API is in our roadmap and I plan on launching those really soon. You are right, Acute is envisioned to be used with your company's current processes and development tools. Let me know if this answered your question and if you have any other questions. 🙂
@alexandrapersea 👌 exactly what I wanted to hear!
@alexandrapersea love the design of the landing page. Everything's so perfect. Would be cool if you could teach me some stuff.
@zramen_zramen Thank you! What do you want me to teach you?
@alexandrapersea your design process and hopefully how you built such a fast website.
We've been using it successfully on Burner Mail and so far we're very happy with it.
Great product launch. Are we able to show the widget conditionally - like ask a question while someone is using a particular feature?