Effective roadmap prioritization

Acute helps you find the real needs of your users, prioritize the right feature requests, and keep your customers loyal with status updates.
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I'm using Product Board at the moment to capture feedback and score feature requests. I tend to find it over engineered, I'm still open to a different solution, what's different about your product?
@alex_barlow Thank you for letting me know. While trying to find a product management tool for myself I've found most of them (Product Board included) over engineered, cluttered and just hard to use. Acute offers you a simple prioritization system (based on RICE) that you can use to score feature requests, select the ones you want to include in the next sprint or current development, mark them as planned, and push them to the development team (ex: JIRA). The main difference is that Acute focuses on one thing only and does it well: Prioritization. There are no drivers, weird matrixes, and you don't need to read 3 PM books in order to understand how to use it. Let me know if this makes sense, you have any other questions and if there is anything we can do to make your on-boarding easier in any way. 🙂
@alexandrapersea Thanks for your reply, totally agree on Product Board over engineered and trying to hard, the lack of save button is baffling. Will take a look at Acute when i get a moment. Simplicity always works.
Looks good! How are you different from
@dimansny1 Canny is a feedback management tool while Acute focuses on roadmap prioritization. Acute helps businesses scale and grow by prioritizing the right features (based on customer feedback and feature requests). The service users a simple prioritization system (based on RICE) which you can use to score feture requests, select the high-value and low-effort ones, mark them as planned, and push them to development. Let me know if this makes sense and if you have any other questions. 🙂
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