AI Personal Computer Assistant

From Sean Le Van, a 14 yr old dev / polymath.
Bio "Sean Le Van is 13. He has given many professional concerts since the age of five years old, along with members of his family, The Le Van Family Musicians. He started as a singer in various styles and soon developed a passion for jazz improvisation and composition on the piano. He now embraces several musical genres, including jazz and classical. He was a laureate winner of the 2010 American Association for the Development of the Gifted and Talented competition, which led him to perform in the “Passion of Music Festival” at Carnegie Hall, Steinway Hall, and Bechstein Hall as a classical pianist. Soon after, he was invited to perform with his family in the 3rd Vianden International Music Festival in Luxembourg under the patronage of the U.S. embassy. In jazz, he has been engaged to perform at various clubs and festivals, such as Steamers Jazz Club, the Curtis Theatre (Brea) under the patronage of Resonance Records, and the 26th Munster International Jazz Festival in France. Sean has made acclaimed solo appearances and shared the stage with vibraphonist Michel Hausser, bassist Bruce Lett, drummer Mack Gordon, pianist Llew Matthews, bassist Putter Smith, drummer Mourad Benhammou as well as jazz veteran Shep Shepherd, among others. Sean is also a prodigy in computer programming. In his free time, he enjoys running and skateboarding, playing with his cocker, as well as reading in science, literature, philosophy, and history."
@dshan Thank you for sharing this project on ProductHunt, as well as some background information on me. I am passionate about ACUMAN, and not only its ability to retrieve information but also its promise in the field of psychoanalysis, self-improvement and pre-emptive mental care.
The interface is nice and clean. I wish response time was a bit faster. I've played around with alot, I'm always impressed with AI bots. What's the future of this and how do you plan to expand?
@jesserank Thank you, especially as someone with a speciality in front-end web development and UI design who considers clean and accessible design as a very compelling element of a user's experience. I plan to expand the project by parsing the data collected during this week through the survey on the website (at this point, there have been over 10,000 participants who filled it out). After these extensive pieces of data are parsed with the machine learning algorithm I am employing, the bot will more accurately classify psychometric data based on a continuum of the personality tests BFI and the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator. The text classification algorithm that results from this large corpus of data will then be reassessed with a supplementary survey, asking users to rank properly the bot's true / false positive rate in identifying personality types.