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Hi ProductHunters ! I’m the CEO and co-founder of actvt. I’m guessing that you’ve seen & tried zillions of video editing apps by now - we have too, but we thought we could bring something with a unique blend of simplicity, speed and control to the final cut :) Rather than give a long speech (a video is worth ten thousands words), we’d like to invite the Product Hunt community to *exclusively* try the product today Just open this link on your iPhone to get your access (once inside you can invite your friends too): Give it a try, make great videos and let us know what you think! Happy to answer any questions you may have!
@alexksso nice going, coach 😉 So what is the smartest thing about actvt and what do current users love the most? What have the pain points been so far?
@bentossell fun fact "coach" is my nickname within the actvt team - how did you know? :) With actvt we wanted to try something different - inspired by the way we show our footage to our friends in real life. We designed actvt as a super easy way to build a video story simply by tapping on the highlights of your footage, just like you’d do when scrubbing through footage on your iPhone. Those highlights are automatically assembled into short videos, all you have to do is pick the feel and music genre- which means you have the control - but we do everything else! Even the music is generated on-the-go to match the number of highlights you picked and to support your story - and of course it's cut to the beat. Our users are also loving the gdrive / dropbox integration : they can make super fast an edit of older footage they meant to edit but didn't have time.
@alexksso I looked it up, thats why I said it haha. sounds awesome... wish I was more of a mini-filmaker - cant even get round to doing a snapchat. How long are the short clips? Do you think that the future of video consumption on the web will be in short clips? A few different companies are trying to tackle the 'highlights' in videos... which of course makes sense in things like sports and forge are doing it with gaming. Are users able to upload videos from their GoPro or similar?
@bentossell fun fact : before actvt I never managed (i.e. like in never ever) to make a shareable video that people would watch from start to end. actvt actually taught me how to tell a video story and it's really not that hard after someone has told you the basic: all you need is to have some footage for an intro, middle, climax and end. While this is different from live videos, it's very similar to taking a picture as all you need is to frame and keep the film rolling. I'd love to see you try ! Live videos are awesome for instant sharing but if you want to create a content to keep and share and that'll make you proud, actvt is the go-to place. As for GoPro and similar - it's been one of the most requested feat during our closed testflight beta - so that's indeed in the works !
@bentossell Typically I'd love to see @scobleizer use it to make teaser / shorter versions of his FB live streams
Congrats to the Actvt Team and @alexksso 🏆.// Good luck pal :-)
I loved to beta, can't wait to get my hands on the official version.
@gr thanks ! it's now in the app store ! hit the PH link to get it :) ( we do accept 5* reviews on the app store :d )
Congrats! Can't wait to try it :)
@galyailiev thanks ! It's live :) feel free to get it from the app store and use this link after registering to bypass the queue mechanism: