Activity Walls

Twitter & Instagram displays for events in under 30 secs

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Founder here. We (Eventjoy) unbundled our Activity Walls experience and rolled it out as a separate product with a super simple onboarding. Happy to answer any questions.
@toddg777 Interesting in terms of the unbundling. Seems like it would be a good inbound lead tool as well. What role has the apparent success of @Tagboard played in you guys releasing this tool. Competition? *disclosure I'm a happy customer of Tagboard :)
@BlendahTom Spot on. The two goals of this were 1) to provide a minimal approach to creating a social media wall (even simplier than our creation flow for and 2) use it as a lead gen tool. Competition was not a driving factor in this strategy. It was user driven and a potential growth opportunity. We're not trying to create the most robust, feature packed social media display. We just wanted to create something simple. Plus, it was a fun weekend hack.
@toddg777 Thanks for the follow up. Smart way of going about things.
I remember suggesting something like this for my buddy to have at his wedding. Great job on this! What's one of the more interesting events you know of that this was used at?
@toddg777 Looks really simple & easy . I personally have been using Checkout these similar apps hunted before Eventifier Walls Tweetwall Splash Appsly Seen Also other apps in the same space of social media content aggregation. UBQT Tint Stackla Frrole Arktan Mass Relevance Rebel Mouse Twine Social Social Board Postano Feedmagnet Buzztale Tradable Bits Tagboard Hashtagr If im not wrong Massrelevance and Arktan have been doing this for a while. They both have a lot of enterprise customers. Mass relevance got acquired recently.
@kwdinc I would add to the list as well @jdbt
@toddg777 Activity wall is probably the easiest way to set up social media displays out of all the above listed apps. Was able to set it up in a few steps.
@kwdinc Thanks. Would your experience have been any different if you weren't able to/aware of the ability to select colors during the onboarding?
@toddg777 i guess no.Would have been one less step. I would like to see the activity wall and then change the color. So it propably can be moved there!
@toddg777 I like the simplicity and the scrolling images is a nice touch; however, I'd like the ability to surface tweets that match a specific search query like "product hunt" rather than just #hashtags. This could also be used in offices as an ambient sentiment feed for teams (wow, that sounded buzzwordy).