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Compete with friends; any activity, any tracker

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Hi everyone I worked as a programmer on this app. Happy to answer questions!
It seems like only yesterday @tanguy_de_courson was egging me on to lose some weight. Now collectively hundreds of pounds lighter as a company we are now 40,000 users strong and growing more each day! This year looks to be exciting for our little app, which is rapidly becoming not so little anymore. The latest features are adventure challenges, which use your physical activity and exercise to spur you onward in an immersive story based game. Thanks Product Hunt for listing us on here, hope that we can answer any questions the community might have and learn a thing or two as well!
Really curious. Will you guys support Nike+ Run Club and Training anytime soon?
@manuelauer right now nike+ syncs with apple health and google fit both of which are supported. the nike api is fairly new and it will be integrated very soon
@tanguy_de_courson Sounds great. I'll keep my eyes open for an update! Thanks for the reply.
We really wanted to make something so that anybody with any fitness tracking device could still compete with friends in order to gain some motivation to improve your health and the health of your friends. the challenges make it really fun and exciting and we are always improving them.
This is something really similar to inKin.
@aramiggs have you tried them both aram? I know AC well but I have not tried inKin. I wonder what the differences are.
@andrewarrow I use inKin on daily basis and I really do like it.