A simple, beautiful personal time-tracker with organizer

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We completely rethink motivation, to-do and self improvement applications. Using our revolutionary app on a daily basis you can really fast create a better version of yourself. Based on latest productivity and personal growth researches, we created an app that can help you accomplish more and be healthier by managing your time and helping track your goals in the simplest possible way. Now, you don’t need to spend a lot of your energy and time to setup everything. Native and intelligent user interface can help you in time savings. So, you can spend this productive time achieving success and happiness in your life. With Activity you can: - Boost your productivity and effectiveness - Manage your schedule and time in an innovative way - Monitor how you spent your time in a day/week/month/year perspective - Live a healthy lifestyle
I like this kind of apps! Really cooool.
@elamazurkiewicz thank you, Ela! We are really appreciate your feedback.
I would like a time tracker in email for when I reply back to my clients' emails. Can this help me?
@nassaraf unfortunately, Apple does not support the ability of tracking user's actions outside the app :(
What makes this different to Hours and similar apps?