All of your favorite fitness studios in one app

Actively builds technologies that make it easy for people to prioritize their health with experiences that connect everyone to wellness. We've created a booking app that allows people to take classes at local fitness studios with the help of an A.I. assistant. The app is free to use and offers class time suggestions and supports multiple studios.

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Hey Product Hunters! Thanks for the hunt @lynchinsights :) The other founders and I really wanted to thank you all for your love. Actively was created because we felt the pain of booking classes at multiple fitness studios, especially on mobile. It didn't make sense jumping between multiple apps & websites to see class schedules. Having to login each time to book or check an upcoming class or purchased package made it even worse. It just didn’t feel like anyone was thinking about the user. So we started working on an artificial booking assistant to make the entire process easier, which ultimately led to designing a complete booking experience that's enjoyable to use and has all of your favorite studios in a single app. Our built-in assistant also works outside of the app via text or smart speaker and predicts what you need by creating personalized schedules around the times that work best for you, using your booking history and even your calendar. By using the beautiful interface you're able to interact with your AI booking assistant in a way that feels like a natural blend of interface and conversation. Our goal was to create a complete experience that allows you to book faster, keep track of your packages and save you time so you can get to your classes & get your sweat on. * Please let us know your thoughts and feedback <3