Improved dock for macOS

ActiveDock is Improved Dock for macOS

  • Pros: 

    Very nice themes, builtin window controls for placement on the screen, hids the orginal dock very well, the developer is very responsive


    Does get slow when the system is very busy/memory limited.

    I love wood and the wood shelf theme is very nice. This alternative dock works much better than others I've tried. And, the developer is very active in fixing issues. Updates are regular, not once a year.

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  • Andrey  Azimov
    Andrey 

    Windows preview reminds me PiP (Picture in Picture) mode in 📺TV. Love it!


    Didn't find so far.

    Nice small app that could 🎨 improve standard boring Mac dock

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Hi PH, Are you satisfied with the features Apple Dock provides? I'm not.... I created ActiveDock because the Mac Dock does not have the ability to switch between windows, change the appearance, and conveniently group elements, and does not allow you to hide unused items. Main Features   - Window Previews Panel - allows you to view and switch between windows, as well as resize and move your windows - Themes - Groups and Folder Views - for convenient grouping of items - Start button to quickly launch applications and open folders - and much more I want to simplify the application and plan to rewrite 70-80% of the code in order to simplify the application and make it more intuitive I will be grateful for your feedback and advice.
== Let me know what do you think
Upvoting for 2 reasons;I've been speaking with Sergey since Cmd+ plus and he's incredibly responsive to both feed back and suggestions. No doubt that if there's any problems here with Active Dock, it would be address fast and accordingly
@manny_orduna thank you very much ... by the way I will release a new version of Command-Tab Plus, a lot needs to be implemented and changed ... I would like that you would participate in beta testing ...
Note: ActiveDock does not support macOS 10.11 How do you feel about the development of the El Captitan application now?