Do you have pockets? A cell phone holster? A purse? A fanny pack? Any other mode of carrying a cell phone (including hands)? Good. Escape the dull hum of your office’s air conditioning and start closing deals in the field. Our simple yet powerful Deals CRM mobile app provides you the tools to do business anywhere.

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Hello Product Hunters! I’m John, Product Manager for mobile at ActiveCampaign. For the unacquainted: ActiveCampaign is an email marketing, marketing automation and CRM platform for small to medium sized businesses. We’ve been around for 14 years but we’ve been in the automation space for 4 and CRM for 3. Oh and we’re based out of downtown Chicago. Today we’re excited to share with you our new ‘Deals CRM’ app for iPhone. This app lets an ActiveCampaign client with a ‘Plus’ account access their Contacts, Deals (our word for opportunities), and Tasks on the go. We’re of the mind set that business tools shouldn’t be hard to use, and that they can actually be a joy to use. We’ve spent a lot of time working on this app and we’ve got a long roadmap beyond 1.0 but we’d love to get your feedback and hear what you all think. Cheers!
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The app is really great and complements the web for on the road work


the essentials of a CRM is included, you can manage your contacts, notes and tasks


cannot see the web visits

Hey Alex, thanks for the comment! With regards to "web visits" can you elaborate on what you're referring to? Are you referring to the ActiveCampaign site tracking?
We've been happy users of ActiveCampaign for the past 18 months or so; looking forward to trying this out as well!
@adam_rodnitzky Thanks Adam, we're looking forward to hearing what feedback you have!
The app is a great next step for Deals. I find the app to be clean and very intuitive. This will help our sales teams to adapt quickly. I do not have any real cons at the moment as to the app. Included below are the items that hold our company back from being all in on Deals in AC. Needs to make Deals work better for our organization: 1. Organization detail and structure. We rely heavily on organizational data and relationships within the organization. 2. Ability to trigger automation, add to list or other items based on set rules. 3. Stronger roles based abilities within deals. Who can do what, see what. Happy with the direction and look forward to the features of deals to become more robust.
@glazierclinics Thanks for the feedback. We're working closely with our web platform's CRM team as well so we'll be sure to pass along the feedback about Organizations and user roles. The app already allows you to add a contact to a list, you can do it via the 'Edit' button on the top right of the Contact profile. As for automations, we made a deliberate choice to exclude that from 1.0 because our research showed that it wasn't something sales-people do frequently and in some cases Sales managers explicitly didn't want their salespeople doing. That said, I think it's only a matter of time before we add some hooks into the automation side of our service as we expand the scope beyond our initial 'salesperson' user-profile. Any insight into what your sales-people would be doing or looking to do with automation would be welcome!
@glazierclinics @localcelebrity In regards to #2, I would love to use ActiveCampaign for outreach, and for this automation would be very useful. Unfortunately you don't allow 'cold' email to be fired off via automations. A question - does this app have a view across all pipelines, deals and contacts which lists the latest activities? A bit like the view you have on the desktop version showing activities for each user, but just applied to all contacts and deals. And filterable, of course.
@glazierclinics @architxt thanks for the feedback. We have no plans to change our policies with regards to requiring direct opt-in for all campaigns and automated emails. These are based on some strongly held principals of our company and part of the reason we're able to offer industry leading deliverability in the email marketing space and, quite frankly, one of the many reasons I'm proud to work here. If those terms don't work for you I'm afraid we might not be the best platform for your business. As far as a cross pipeline deal view, I'm not sure what you're referring to? We don't have anything like that on the web platform, nor do we have anything like that planned for the mobile app. It is an interesting idea though, could you elaborate on what you're looking to accomplish? Thanks!
@glazierclinics @localcelebrity A passionate reponse! I've discussed this with you folk already and understand / appreciate why you have the policy in place. The workaround, by the way, is to send these emails via the profile / deal view in AC. So, not automating the process -- which also means that you *do* allow cold email ;) Apologies for not explaining clearly the other bit. I'd like to have a view a bit like the activity stream when viewing a contact that aggregates all activities for all contacts, with filtering options to 'cut' the list by activity type, associated pipeline, deals, deal stages, etc... I'd like to be able to see, for example, all activity for all contacts that have a deal in stage Y of pipeline X.
@glazierclinics @architxt Haha please excuse my passion, I've been with AC for five years. I used to manage our compliance and deliverability, these are things I value deeply. To your first point, we don't consider that a workaround! That is a very intentional distinction. Sending emails via automation are subject to anti-spam policies and laws no different than sending campaigns / newsletters. Manually sending solo emails from the contact / deal view however is, in our eyes, no different than sending via your own mail client and is not subject to the same concern or potential for abuse. As for the second thing, I follow now. We do have long term plans to show the individual activity stream for each contact but no plans for a global one, at least not right away. Also, no immediate plans for advanced search and segmentation like that. We need some work done from the web platform teams first to make that a more viable possibility. I'll never say never though.

I've been waiting for someone to develop a mobile app for Active Campaign and this seems to have everything I want and need in a logical and streamlined interface. So far I like it more than the desktop version.. except that I have 222 overdue tasks to complete.


Everything you need from AC on your mobile device!


Haven't found any yet

Hahaha thanks Brad. Hopefully the app makes it easier to complete those tasks so you can start chipping away at that queue.