Monitor all running apps effortlessly.

Activa is a free and simple macOS menubar app that allows you see all your running applications.
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Awesome product, looking forward to seeing the difference in how I manage applications 👍
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I'm curious what the benefits of this are compared to using the built in Command + Option + Esc which opens up a list of running applications and lets you quit them?
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@dawsondepretis Good question, a few benefits are accessibility, you can see how long the app have been active and see the total number of apps running wit a glance. This app would be beneficial for mac users who don't know or do not like to use shortcut keys.
👋 Hi Hunters! 😡Problem As a developer and designer, I found myself having too many apps running at one time and not knowing how many apps I had running, causing my mac to slow down. ✨ Solution I build a lightweight tiny menubar app that will allow you to see all your running apps. 🙏 I hope this app helps. Please feel free to ask questions, feedback and feature request!
Hey, great and really useful work! I tried to install this app, but something has happened with button "Download" on the website(
@yanchi Thanks so kindly for the report! I've resolved issue.
Great job!😊 Will check it out! Could you please make one for windows. I'm sorry for asking it too many times to the developers to develop for windows users on PH. As that is t he reality behind windows not being able to grow
@ayush_chandra Great idea! I will definitely look into developing one for windows.