Automate repetitive tasks on your iOS Device



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James Wahba — CEO, @Projectivenyc
How is this different from the app Workflow?
Daniel Sadjadian — Entrepreneur | Car Enthusiast | YouTuber
@jameswahba Hi James. The Actions app provides an all-in-one solution for task automation. It allows you to perform many of the tasks you want, in one app. This saves you a lot time, as you don't have to keep on switching between multiple applications. I am also working on adding third party hardware support, so you can automate tech gadgets round your house, view car stats (if you have a car OBD reader), etc...
Anthony Stylianou — Social Media Manager, CatchApp
Daniel I really like the app!! For me personally, I have been looking for something like this that can help be keep track and resolve those tasks that appear randomly throughout the day.

1 piece of feedback I would give though is the discoverability within the app store when I go to download the app. I had to search for 'Actions - Fast forward everyday tasks' in order to find it.

Is there anything within the roadmap to improve this?
Daniel Sadjadian — Entrepreneur | Car Enthusiast | YouTuber
@anthony_stylianou Hi Anthony. Thats a very good point, I am looking into improving the branding of the app. This will be addressed in the upcoming app update :) If you have any suggestions, let me know.
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