Actiondesk allows you to push data from any application, including Airtable, SQL databases, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zendesk and more to Google Sheets. You can schedule routine pushes to Google Sheets (as often as every 5 minutes)
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I've now been following Actiondesk for a while and they've made consistent progress by listening to customers and iterating continuously. Today's launch is a dead simple way to push data from a SQL database as well as almost any business application into a Google Sheet. Something so many people need to do for their jobs and find to be a pain.
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@hnshah Thank you for hunting us! ๐Ÿ™ Hello Product Hunt, We are thrilled to be back here ๐Ÿ™ƒ We initially launched 6 months ago, with the mission of empowering anyone to build powerful automations using only their spreadsheet skills. ๐Ÿค“ We've learned a ton since we launched and today we are launching Actiondesk for Google Sheets. By talking to our users and +1,000 companies, we've learnt most non technical teams struggle to access data and build tools with it. What they commonly do is download data from their backend, billing software, CRM, etc. to CSV and then copy paste it in Google Sheets or Excel. They then build tools on Google Sheets / Excel using that external data. Every time they want to refresh their tools, they have to go through that manual process of extracting data again This is now over thanks to Actiondesk for Google Sheets, without any code involved. What can you do with it? - Move sales data from your MySQL / PostgreSQL database to Google Sheets - Get automatically your salesforce opportunities (or others) into Google Sheets to build custom reports - Get automatically billing data from Stripe into Google Sheets to build custom reports - Move data from Airtable to Google Sheets to perform calculations or backup your data A few things that makes Actiondesk particularly delightful: - No need to map each column in Google Sheets with each column from your data source, just choose the columns you need, an empty spreadsheet and dump all the data. - If you add new columns in your initial source, Actiondesk will automatically spot that and create a new column in Google Sheets - No need to set up multiple automations to handle record creation and record update. Actiondesk will run every 10min and handle both new records and updated records. How to get started: - Fill up the signup form (takes <2min) - Subscribe to one our plans or request a free demo - Once you're in, go to Integrations, add your data sources and your google sheets account - Build your first workflow ๐Ÿš€ Here's a 1.30min tutorial showing how it works:
Looking forward to getting your feedback!
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How does it compare to Zapier? The product looks nice (just by looking at the website, didn't try it), but the pricing seem to be very high. Zapier has plans in the range of $0-$125, while your cheapest plan is $150
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Hey @danbars , thanks for your comment. With Zapier, you'd have to: - create a zap for new records - create multiple zaps for updated records when available (for example, Zapier doesn't handle updates for Airtable) - If you had more columns in your source, you'd have to modify your zap and map the new column. In short, if you just want to create new record from the source and do not care about updates (typically for data coming from a form), Zapier is great. Otherwise, it can be a bit manual and painful to implement.
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@danbars Our ( plans start at $49 and include hourly refreshes from SQL (MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, Snowflake) to Sheets. We don't connect to other SaaS apps because in our experience most companies already have the data in SQL via Segment or something similar. We're targeted at slightly more technical users (e.g. we need you to know a bit of SQL) and also support scheduling Python / Juptyer Notebooks, which can be really powerful in automating analytic workflows.
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Looking great! Well done Actiondesk team! There are many tutorials on how to use Actiondesk with other tools with no-code on Makerpad
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I have been struggling so many times while implementing CRM softwares (, Microsoft analytics etc..) in the different sales organisations I worked for, mailny due to the diversity of legacy products and the numerous sets of data related to it we needed to integrate, that I would have love to be able to use the Actiondesk software in order to facilitate this huge process. Using Actiondesk for googlesheet to push data would have saved me and my team a lot of time and avoid pain during those transfers.
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