Actionable Gamification

Beyond points, badges and leaderboards

I read this and Hooked in the same week, found Octalysis to be a deep dive into our motivations which lead to surprisingly powerful framework for building products, changing one's behavior, or designing experiences of any kind.
Hey Yu-kai, why is the Octalysis Framework better/different than other Gamification material out there in the market?
I find myself recommending this book to all my entrepreneur friends. Nobody has been disappointed. Best actionable framework I've seen for crafting human behavior (I've read Hooked, Thinking Fast and Slow, Switch, etc.). There's even a section that takes many of the popular books/frameworks and projects them onto the Octalysis framework. I'm just not a big fan of the name..."Octalysis" is unnecessarily limiting and not descriptive of what it actually does (there's already a 9th drive). Naming aside, this is a worthwhile read for anyone who deals with humans.
Do gamification the right way. Great actionable advice.
Fantastic wealth of information all presented extremely well! This book is just awesome!