Action Tea

Tea blend for more energy & higher productivity

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Hey ProductHunt'ers! Happy to be here today. I created Action Tea because I wanted an alternative to coffee, because I rarely drink coffee in the morning. A lot of people told me that they hate the taste of coffee but drink because it wakes them up. Action Tea changes that. Drink tea that tastes like Nana's mint tea, but will wake you the **** up :) The idea got additional motivation and support from the good folks over at (@jon, @marshal, @digit). A lot of people in there helped me in launching essentially my first physical product. Shouts to @moloneymike @rowesk @r_ss_ll @Smutchings @andrewgale (all those who I can't remember right now, sorry :() #grateful Oh and please get 20% off, on me PHers! - use LAUNCH at checkout :)
@andrewgale haha thanks Andrew!
If, like me, you don't like coffee, then this is the tea blend for you! I don't know how, but @freshfey managed to take tea and turn it into some kind of energy and productivity boosting machine (in a bag).
@smutchings thanks for the kind words Sam! :)
Do I love coffee? Yes. Would I give it up for this Tea blend? Absolutely! I was lucky enough to be one of the first testers and I love the direction in which this blend has evolved. If you like the taste of fresh mint and the feeling of a nice constant caffeine high I can highly recommend this one.
@therod thanks a lot! Yeah coffee definitely has its place from time to time :)
Damn this looks good, not a coffee person but the idea of tea giving me the same boost sounds amazing. Nice work Feyyaz!
@peterjdonoghue thanks Peter! As a tea person I agree. Let me know how you like it