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So excited these are here. Happy to answer any questions as well. They were designed and conceived by the wizards at Behance. I know I'm biased, as we sell these at ghostlystore.com but we do so because we love them and use them. The Action Book (big one) is my go-to for daily/weekly planning. 15% off code at checkout on Action Method products: ph
@valenti how did it come about that you guys essentially gook over the project from Behance?
@valenti what inspired the creation of the project?
@eriktorenberg The Behance team's own needs! As illustrated here: http://www.quora.com/How-was-the...
@_jacksmith Our relationship with Behance has been strong over the years and we all thought this was a good opportunity to keep the line growing. Hopefully this is one of many more projects we work on together.
@valenti One of my favorites - I have many different sizes of them and use them pretty often since many years. Keep it up Sam - I do wish there would be a digital component to it. (even though there was, it's shut down but wasn't that good as far as I remember)
Just another awesome @ghostly collaboration. Nice @valenti!
These are my favorite notebooks and I have about 20 in "back stock" ;) I still can't believe Behance shut down AMO (Action Method Online) which was the accompanying digital version. I found it much more useful than GTD systems which I never seem to be able to stick with.
surprised that it hasn't been posted before. Action Method is great.
@_jacksmith I like how there is a section explaining how to use Action Method. It is useful for people like me who has never heard of it before.
Amazed these haven't been posted here before! Action Method is standard issue for us @Kayako :-)