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Hi Product Hunt Community - Thanks for checking out the ACT Concept Flashcards! We created this app as a conversion channel for our ACT test prep paid product and then a funny thing happened: All sorts of people who were not in high school, and not studying for standardized tests, became interested. One Stanford MBA/JD graduate messaged me to say, "Fantastic app, barely got any actual work done today but feel I have never learned more!" So, a little more about the app: It is a flashcard app that quizzes you on on the kind of concepts you should have remembered from High School, but have since forgotten. There are over 200 flashcards on Science, Math and English topics with definitions and examples for each term. It is built with a smart algorithm based on something called the "Spaced Repetition Technique (SRT)" that tracks your progress and adapts as you learn. What this means is that you will see a concept more or less frequently depending on your mastery of it. Also, progress is synced across devices so users can easily switch between iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and computer. We are excited to share the ACT Concept Flashcard app with this community too and are looking forward to hearing what you think!
Hi @bentossell! The ACT is a standardized test for admission to colleges in the US. It is the biggest competitor to the SAT and actually, a few years ago, the number of kids taking the ACT surpassed those taking the SAT. There are about 2 million kids who take the ACT each year. Since the ACT tests for college aptitude, the concept flashcards cover all the fundamentals that you should have learn in high school.
I'm very excited about these flashcards because there's nothing else like them out there. For students studying for the ACT, many other flashcard sets out there either cover way more than what is on the test (and therefore can be a waste of time) or aren't focused specifically on the concepts students need to know. These flashcards include JUST what students need to know and that's it. ACT test-takers should see a boost in their scores just from an hour or two of using these cards. We created these cards based on our ACT experts' extensive experience with the test and our students' feedback on what they felt they needed to know to improve their scores. For people not studying for the ACT, these flashcards can be a fun and helpful review of basic grammar, math, and science concepts that everyone needs to know to look intelligent out there in the world (and to impress your friends of course). And, importantly, they're free.