A data security tool for developers

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Hi, Product Hunters! Thanks for hunting us, @riaface. Acra is an open source database protection tool, built specifically with modern web/mobile startups in mind: - It's quite easy to integrate - it abstracts hard security concepts (cryptography and request event model) from implementation/configuration you have to work with - it allows you to choose what you protect and where exactly in your code you are comfortable doing that We've built Acra, because apart from complicated novel cryptographic techniques, modern developers need simple, easy-to-use solutions to get going initially. When you're building your startup or scaling it for first initial flood of adopters, you don't have the time to invent custom security tooling. This is where Acra comes handy. We're still quite early in the building of open source version of Acra (there were early adopter deployments before) and are very keen to know what is useful for the makers around to get into the world of safer solutions quickly. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have.
Awesome job, guys. Keep rocking!!!
Does it abstract away different security mechanisms like Kerberos?
@sridhar_kondoji apart from Kerberos being a protocol, not a product, yes, there are some similarities - Acra hides all cryptographic details under the hood, too.