Acorn 6

The image editor for humans

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Acorn, the image editor from Mac veteran(s) Flying Meat, gets better with each release. It has all the bells one can expect from a great image editor, but none of the whistles. There's no steep learning-curve, no need to dive into a multipage handbook. Latest Features Highlights * Text on a path. Create a path with any of Acorn’s shape tools, then add text! * Enhanced clone tool to clone across layers, images, and even clone group or shape layers. * Updated web export window includes the ability to zoom, pan, scale, convert color profile, and retain or remove image metadata * Smart layer export, Acorn’s alternative to slicing, has a new configurable palette to export your layers from 1x-5x.
@t55 I can't brought believe it's still around!
@chrismessina It still is. Making money too. At least enough to keep the business going. Gus is doing a great job. It’s a joy to use. No substitute for Photoshop (or Affinity Photo) but good enough to do your everyday image editing stuff.
Excellent idea, can't wait to try it!