Networking app for building your professional brand

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Thanks @milad for sharing it. . I always believed that as professionals we need to constantly build our network therefore we were looking for ways to professional minded people to interact with each other in a more modern and effective way. Today interactions are boring, with a copy and paste regular resume mind-set. Acopio is a great tools to you boost your professional brand and connect with people in the real time. i would glad to answer your question and hear your feedback.
This is an interesting app for networking and finding other professionals to collaborate. It has a really nice feature, which let's you to record a video of yourself, so the networking is more real and alive.
This is nice! I've wanted to see this for a long time. It would be sweet if you could video intro two of your own contacts. Good luck on PH today.
@dannylowney Thanks for your comment and hope you enjoy experience it. that's a great suggestion. we are actually doing it from tomorrow.
Nice concept! I noticed a few bugs: I'm not able to upload a profile picture, it always says "error". The swiping feature doesn't work. Tapping on the message icon doesn't do anything. I tested it on iPad because I don't have an iPhone, maybe that's the reason for some of the bugs...
@anselm_urban Hi Anselm. Thanks for the feedback. yes it's not fully functional for the Ipad yet. 1.I see the picture error which we are just solving it. it's just a message and your picture has been uploaded. 2.the swiping feature work 3.Message is enable until you get connection Thanks again for your valuable feedback.
A bit of challenge of edit details in present incarnation. Essentially a great idea. Difficult to see how the present execution is going to achieve that though. There are bunch of similar apps none of which seem to have got very far. Not sold on linkedin or needing to add tons of details.
@tomflemming Thanks for your comment. we are improving the Profile editing technical issues. we have few more cool features in the pipeline so professionals have more interaction and can show their brand in a better way.