The smartest way to grow your skills with informal learning.

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Very intrigued by this product, would love to chat more with the team if they join PH for an AMA. very relevant for @roundview
@josephkerns Hi Joseph! Happy to get in touch with you. Contact me directly at rob [at]
@roundview @josephkerns Thanks Joe! I would love to learn how you're thinking about our product now after some time. You could contact Rob or get back to me at jasper [at]
Grow every day with Achieved! We want to help busy professionals to make learning and development a daily habit. We do this by giving you access to the best informal learning activities of the web. You can find them directly on our platform or receive them as a daily learning bite in your email. By making learning social and transparent our users are motivated to grow their skills and build a successful career. Achieved is mainly focused on B2B. Colleagues can easily share their favourite learning activities with each other. Organisations are also able to build 'private' skills with their own content. This is great to use for boarding programs. In the future we want to be your lifelong learning coach. Triggering you at the right time with the best personalised learning suggestions. I'm looking forward to your honest feedback and suggestions on how we can further improve our product. Happy learning!
@hermans85 you have done the hard part. the curation. made it social which is important for informal learning. Me and some friends have been trying to even execute sessions that are some how informal. A friend of mine is into producing sessions that take the informal style. especially in life coaching. maybe I can get you in touch to have him join you in producing some videos or articles. great stuff :)