Make money by beating other players in mobile games

Acention is a free-to-play gaming app where players make money by beating other players in multiplayer games. Kind of like HQ Trivia for gamers. Players start with one penny and work their balance upwards by beating other players in games and daily live tournaments. Users can cash out at any time and receive their balance via Paypal.

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Hey everyone! I’m a co-founder of Acention along with @peterzhu13. Acention is a mobile gaming platform where players make money by beating other players in multiplayer games. It’s kind of like HQ Trivia built for gamers. I had the idea for Acention after working in the gaming industry and realizing how manipulative pay-to-win monetization mechanics are to users. I wanted to re-invent the mobile gaming business model to be more rewarding to the players. How It Works: When you download the app, we give you one penny. You pick a game from the app and get matched against another player who also has one penny. Whoever wins will have two pennies, and can go on to wager one or both in another game against another user. Double one penny 30 times by winning 30 straight games and you would have over $10,000,000! You can cash out your balance at any time for real money (transferred via Paypal)! Like HQ Trivia, Acention hosts daily tournaments that players can join to win big cash prizes. We currently have two games on the app with plans to launch a new game every 2-3 months. Let me know if there are any questions about Acention that Peter and I can answer. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback!

I love the challenge proposed by this simple game


So fun and well designed


Graphics can be improved

Nifty model for compensating players. Excited to see this play out! 👾

You should really try this game!


Fun game and can win money



Played with a group dueling on another and everyone had a blast!


Have fun and get rewarded! The best deal ever!


Racing exceeds my reflexes but fun