Humanized Survey Experience

An online conversational survey building tool that allows users to create and run customizable chatbot surveys on Messenger and WebChat

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Just love how you show everything on screenshots! So much easier to understand its values! Perfect :)
Hi @galeriks, Thnak you so much :)
What is the difference with this vs Appsonchat?
Hi @bentossell, We have gone through some major overhaul in our product, these include: 1) Ace is now a complete suite of productivity skills for any team on Slack 2) A complete product overhaul - We are no longer AppsOnChat. Since we are now a productivity suite, we have re-branded ourselves as - the smart productivity bot on Slack 3) Redesign - We have moved from individual focussed solution to team collaboration solution. With this, we have completely revamped our website to reflect the same.
@sameeravanekar Love all slack bots and this seems awesome. But the choice of features seems rather eclectic. Do you think you will get better usage by going broader and more horizontal? Curious, as a fellow tech product maker :) cc @bentossell @kwdin