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Here's another thing I didn't know going into tech related job interviews: what was expected of me? The whole process seemed opaque. Did the interviewer really have a plan? If so, what were they looking for? I like the way @joshdoody demystifies these career topics. He knows his stuff.
@mijustin Thanks so much for hunting this. You're exactly right that the process seems opaque and can be intimidating. But it's really not that difficult to do well in an interview with some preparation and a framework that helps answer questions in a way that who's how you'll make the company better. That's what this course is all about—preparation and answering every question in a way that shows how the company will be better once you're on board.
I made this course because most people are uncomfortable with the interview process. I've found that they're uncomfortable for two common reasons: 1. They don't feel prepared. 2. They're not sure how to give good answers to questions. This course focuses on preparing to interview with a specific company so you can comfortably tell a story about how the company will be better if you're a part of the team. It includes a simple framework you can use to answer questions effectively. Every question is an opportunity to demonstrate the value you can bring to make the company better. Any questions? Ask away!
Hey @joshdoody How long is this course? Is it the kind of thing you'd do a week before the interview or the day before perhaps?
@helenryles Good question! The course is 50 minutes and I designed it so you could take it the night before your interview and be prepared the next morning. It would be best to buy a week or so before because that allows more time to really prepare and learn about the company. What I had in mind when I made this course is, "If someone is interviewing tomorrow and needs help, this course will give them everything they need to prepare in time."
Hey @mimaley1 - Super interesting. Great idea. so this course isn't really specific to engineers, programming, or anything. It's really about making a pitch for why a company would hire you and negotiating salary effectively. Is that about right?
@jfilcik Hi Joe! That's mostly spot on. This course is about preparing for your interview, then continuously demonstrating that you're a valuable candidate for the job so the company makes you the strongest offer (meaning "highest salary"). The course ends when the interview process ends—when your work as a candidate is done. I'm building a second course on "How to negotiate your starting salary", which picks up after the interview process and just before the company makes their initial offer. That course walks through the entire negotiation process to help turn that strong offer into the maximum starting salary. The course isn't specific to engineering, programming or anything but it has helped many people in those disciplines. In fact, of the five testimonials I chose for the landing page, two are engineers and one is a product/UX designer. If you have any other questions, ask away!
Glad to see ways to help people prepare for interviews. I previously had worked on a side project that had the same goal: Although we are no longer working on the project, it could still provide some value to anyone that wants to give it a shot along with this course
@anandp29 That's a very cool idea. Preparing is the most important thing we can do to stand out in an interview. That tool looks like a nice way to prepare and practice. Cheers!