Test any website to see if it’s accessible, for free!

aCe is a free web accessibility testing tool designed to give you a clear answer to whether or not your website is accessible for people with disabilities, and if it is compliant with legislation. Type your domain and learn where you stand in seconds!
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Hey guys, I’m Shir, CEO of accessiBe, the world-leading web accessibility solution that now brings you aCe! Initially developed as an internal testing tool for accessiBe, aCe is powered by our industry-leading AI, to deliver immediate and reliable results. We’re honored to share this exciting project with you today and to drive awareness to website accessibility - an essential topic around the web these days. People with disabilities comprise 20% of the world's population. By having an accessible website, you not only are compliant with accessibility legislation such as the United State’s ADA, but you also increase your potential customer base. The reality is that most websites are not accessible, and the unfortunate part is that they are finding it out the hard way, as web accessibility lawsuits continue to increase around the world. We made aCe completely free because we want to reach as many people as possible in our efforts to drive awareness to web accessibility. With an immediate answer and a high level of clarity to whether your website is compliant or not, you can decide on your next steps. Go ahead and just type in any website you want to check - the results may surprise you! We’ll be here if you have any questions or feedback. Bring on the hunt!
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@shir_ekerling1 This is a game changer. With all of the accessibility regulations out there, businesses need to make sure they're compliant. Having the ability to run a free report like this is a huge help.
Love the tool... one thing you may want to consider is a "share with developer" button. That way someone technical can get the report and just fix it all...
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@neilpatel Hi Neil, thanks for the suggestion. It's a good idea and we're working on adding this feature. For now, users can download the audit report and input the developer's email. But again, good comment.
@neilpatel Wow. is fully compliant. What's your secret, Neil? (I ran your site because I figured if any site was fully compliant, it would be yours.)
This is such a unique and interesting tool and could have a huge impact on the world wide web. Accessibility has fallen behind the curve in the evolution of website design and aCe could well help bring it back to the front from my early testing. I thought that our company website would be fairly compliant but I was quite wrong, especially for graphics. We certainly need to put work into fixing these accessibility issues. The breakdown of each section and each test inside aCe is excellent. I love the way it puts the results into sections and explains each test/check in detail. I counted 50 checks altogether, which is very conclusive! I'd also be very interested to see whether fixing issues highlighted be aCe has an impact on both SEO and CRO.
I have tested my website and shown Semi-compliant and there after i got a detailed live chat with your team through the official website. i really appreciate for the quick team responses.
Great execution. Love the "show, don't tell" nature of this.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, appreciate your comment. I'm sure you have seen thousands of products. Very happy that you loved ours!