Project estimation tool for freelancers

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AccuRate is project estimation tool for freelancers, find out how much you should charge for your next project.

  • Kishor Sonawane
    Kishor SonawaneRootBase Software

    Its easy to use


    Some features can be added

    I really like this tool to calculate project estimates. Earlier I used to have spreadsheets or pen and paper to calculate cost and time. But with this tool, I think my job is easier.

    Kishor Sonawane has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    ) Straight to the point

    ) Quick and easy


    ) Some more features can be added , like providing multiple projects option

    ) Saving the estimated data over cloud for later references

    ) Option for receiving client feedback for a specific project, can be added

    ) Retrospective feature can be added to later analyse the learnings if the project

    came out to be more complex than estimated , this can be useful for the future

    projects and overcoming previous learnings

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Kishor Sonawane
Kishor SonawaneHunter@smashingwheels · RootBase Software
@ Raj - sure, your inputs make sense. Will surely think on this in next version. Thank you!