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"Tracking your keywords has never been easier. Start SERP tracking all your keywords in matter of minutes today with AccuRanker! Just like you, we hate to wait for things – AccuRanker is built with speed in mind and it literally just takes seconds for your keywords to update!"
Hi Product Hunters We built AccuRanker because we were bored of working with standard, slow, windows applications that took – what felt like – years to track 100 keywords. We didn’t have time to waste a couple of days a month creating reports for our clients, and are sure you don’t either, which is why we built AccuRanker, our own rank tracking tool. We outlined two key criteria when developing the tool: 1. It needed to be fast. Like, incredibly fast. Nobody wants to wait half an hour for results. 2. It needed to be user-friendly, enabling all employees within an organisation to access and operate it easily. A year into development we launched version one and, we’re proud to say, it changed the industry. Now, AccuRanker is one of the leading rank trackers on the market, and by far the fastest. We now serve over 8,000 customers worldwide and incorporate every piece of feedback from them into improving the product. So, to our current customers, we thank you – and we hope you join them soon! We offer 30% off for the first 6 months for any Hunters joining us. Use coupon code "producthunt".
@chripede Where is the coupon? :) Thanks... looks impressive!
@josuegio Thanks :) The coupon should be applied automatically when you sign up with the link from here. If it's not, the coupon code is "producthunt".
Cool stuff. I use, but it feels a bit old and busted (read: slow). Founders: anything you can tell us that makes AccuRanker better than competitors (besides speed)? Thanks!
@ajsharp as the name implies, we care a great deal about the accuracy of our results. We always update and innovate, for instance we pioneered on-demand refreshes. Also our support is the best in the world, according to our customers :)
@chripede 👍 thanks. Looking forward to trying you guys out.
@chripede Yep, this is dope. Awesome job guys 🙏
I was testing for a week your service is really great, just i think that the Beginner plan must be 1000 keywords and then the next ones. I am using my first 1000 keywords with 4 domains, so the “# of domains do not have sense“ with 1000 domains plan, i can use 1 keyword per domain...
@josuegio We're happy that you like AccuRanker. It's very random to how many keywords people track for each website, some do 5-10, other a few hundred, and then some couple of thousands, all depending on how large the website is. you are always welcome to hit us up on our livechat, and we can see what we can do for your particular needs. Cheers
@h3nriksj Thanks a lot! My issue is that 50 keywords, are 200 keywords, because you are counting: 50 per Desktop, 50 per Mobile, 50 per Google and 50 per Bing. That are not 200 keywords, but are counted like that. Impressive service, but keywors counted like this is not the best. Thanks again!
The coupon "producthunt" is not working... any new coupon? thanks!