Monitors accounts so you can have the @username you want

AcctWatch monitors accounts for you. It checks diligently for each account name that you're looking for to open and immediately emails you when it does. Who knows when your dream handle will open?

Unless you have a registered trademark, there's not much you can do to get any site to hand back a handle. Let robots check for you!

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Hi ProductHunt! Acct.Watch watches accts. I've got a pretty common handle (@stolson) that I wanted to get across all media platforms, so I built this! It also has a handy checker for handles across different media platforms if you just want to check out a new account. Hope you enjoy!
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Over 100 registered users! Thanks a lot PH!!
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Very useful! So far though I am happy with the handles I've got haha ^^
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@tcodinat Good to hear!
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Really like the idea. @stolson, Tiny bug (I believe?), username length 5-100 chars, but the input field has a maxlength set to 15.
@suprb Hey Andreas! Fixed that... the actual limitation is 15. Most sites don't let you go past that, so I figured leave it at that, but forgot to change the form
@stolson I'd remove the limitation. For example, both Instagram and Facebook allows more than 15 :)
@suprb Future enhancements!
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Hey Steve, nice product! I don't want to be Vincent051992 anymore. Do you plan to add other watchers? I also use startup name check for my product names by @spekulatius1984 (, do you know it?
@yesnoornext Hi Vincent! Maybe, reach out with what you might be interested in. LinkedIn is the only other one on the map right now. I saw startupnamecheck today! Cool stuff.
Hey @stolson and @yesnoornext congrats to launching Steve! I hope you are having a great start in the indie maker world and a successful product of course! You got a nice looking product there. What's on the roadmap for acct watch? Cheers, Peter
@spekulatius1984 Hey Peter! Taking any and all requests now, we'll see what seems feasible.
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@stolson Ah cool. I was/am just curious :)
@stolson I think it could be useful for other social media platforms like Reddit, Spectrum, Twitch and Telegram.
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I have always wanted this. Altho you should try a bounty business model. So say i want the name @sabba on twitter, I enter my account details but I am not charged unless the name becomes free. At this point the user is charges. Just a thought...
@sab8a Hey Sabba - sorry if anything was confusing. The bounty business model is actually the one in place! See the pricing page: Per Account ($5/account): Only charged when the account opens up! Hope that answers your question :)
@stolson Ohhhh. I think it might be worth testing your design with users and also talking with a UX/UI designer and getting feedback. I get the idea and i really like it, but I feel your website is a little confusing. Also terms of messaging I made a few small edits that you can find here.