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Ben Guild
Ben GuildMaker@benguild
Hi, PH! Would be very grateful to hear your feedback and discuss the ideas and motivation behind this product! It's been months and months of testing and dev, but we're excited about how far it's come and for the chance to make it even better. Thanks for checking it out!
Dave Ambrose
Dave AmbroseHunter@daveambrose · Steadfast Venture Capital
Especially in the PH community, we're connected across social media, email and our address book. What's been difficult to manage (and something I've experienced) is keeping track of connected profiles as well as IDs from friends. Accounts looks to solve this problem, creating a unified view of your contacts across the phone (live on just iOS now) and then routinely updates your contact list as friends add more profiles to their name. Inviting the product's founder to the thread but would love to hear more about why @benguild decided to build this in the first place.
Ben Guild
Ben GuildMaker@benguild
@daveambrose Thanks for the thoughts and post, Dave!
Simon Dawlat
Simon Dawlat@virtualgoodz · CEO,
nice one @benguild there's definitely a need for a better way to leverage our ever-growing business networks. I've been on the Web for 12 years, have 4500+ contacts between Gmail & LinkedIn. lots of untapped opportunities in there and so few tools to properly unlock them.
Ben Guild
Ben GuildMaker@benguild
@Virtualgoodz Thanks for checking it out, Simon!
Jay Zalowitz
Jay Zalowitz@jayzalowitz · co founder at Generatorlab (Needlehunt)
When is android version coming out?
Ben Guild
Ben GuildMaker@benguild
@jayzalowitz Early 2015. We'd love to have you beta test with us. There's an email subscribe on our homepage!
Wei Yang
Wei Yang@wei_yang · Serial Entrepreneur
Hasn't this been tried a number of times? Plaxo,, FullContact, Outlook Social Connector, Nimble, Rainmaker, Cobook, OS X Contacts, Humin, etc.?
David Berkowitz
David Berkowitz@dberkowitz · Principal, Serial Marketer
@wei_yang yes, curious how it relates to Brewster and others.