Accountable Buddy

Helping you reach your goals, as your accountability partner

Accountable Buddy helps you reach your goals by being your accountability partner. We make sure you stay on track for completing your tasks and to-dos. If you don't complete them by the deadlines set, then we follow up to make sure that they are completed.
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Hi Product Hunt! As an author, I have written tons of books (many under some pen names). People may think it's hard, but in reality it was definitely doable as long as you stick to deadlines and ensure you hit your tasks. After talking to a few friends, I tried to set up being their "accountability partner" to get them to write more books, or lose weight, or really anything in life. My friends went from writing 5 books a year to now completing anywhere from 9 to 13 books in 2019. That is HUGE! I myself have lost over 45lbs in the past year. It was NOT easy for me, but I feel I was only able to after hiring a personal trainer who would message me daily to ask what I ate and how many calories I ate each day. I had to actively count each day so I could report back to my trainer what I was eating, and also how much. I was able to effectively lose that weight over time and I attribute all of it to my trainer who kept me accountable. With the encouragement of my friends and past experiences, I decided to launch Accountable Buddy. Accountable Buddy makes sure you reach your goals by doing the tasks you would need to reach that goal and by making sure you stay accountable along the way by sending in proof. Many people think that just starting is the hardest thing to do. Starting isn't the hardest part (though that is necessary to achieve success). The hardest part, in reality, is keeping momentum. Many people start doing something for a goal, such as weight loss, but then things always come up. Going out to eat with friends. Birthdays. Holidays. cough *excuses* cough. Anyone can delay what they were going to do. But actually doing it on a consistent basis takes some effort. Having a partner makes it that much easier. The way it works is that you first send us your goals and to-dos that you want to accomplish--of course the more specific the better. We will check in on you to make sure that the tasks and to-dos are completed. We will need proof of some sort, either screenshots, or google docs, or actual files of what you were working on for proof. We will follow up to make sure it actually gets done and find out what is preventing you from completing the tasks. If you need help managing that time, we will help! Hoping we all have a great 2020 and achieve greatness!
@maxlockwood Love the concept. However, I am not clear how it works. I would take you up on a one week free trial to test it out. Or if you don't want to go that way, provide some content on the blog or share more of your social networks so we have some validation of who is behind the tool.
Any chance to have a free version for open source projects or none commercial oriented goals ?
lol, I made a similar one, but focused on personal goals. same name too! πŸ˜‚