HIPAA compliance, made easy.

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Howdy guys! Co-founder of Accountable here, would be happy to answer any questions that y'all might have.
Accountable does a great job of managing the administrative aspects of HIPAA compliance. Companies like TrueVault ( handle the physical and technical safeguard requirements. HIPAA calls for three areas of compliance: administrative, physical and technical safeguards. If you're building an app or business that stores/collects/manages protected health information then you want to use a combination of Accountable + TrueVault or similar services to meet requirements outlined in the safeguards. NB: HIPAA hosting != HIPAA compliance.
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Kevin and the Accountable team are awesome to work with!
Used to work at a hosting company that offered HIPAA compliant hosting and for the admin piece we sent clients to preferred auditors/consultants that cost 10K min. This is a much better solution.