Account Surfer

Quickly switch between accounts and browsers on Windows

Decide what account or browser to use when opening the link.
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This sounds useful for when you're clicking on links in another app (i.e. mail, messenger, whatsapp desktop) and want to open certain links in different profiles
@aadrnn that's right!
hey @producthunt, check out my new app. There are similar utilities under MacOs, but I have always considered Windows to be unreasonably deprived. I hope you enjoy it and keep in mind that this is only the beginning, I am going to develop the product and add new features, so do not forget to send feature requests. When deciding to develop a new application, you always think over your time and realize how much time it will cost you to support a particular solution. Working with the Windows API, supporting Electron functions for Account Surfer is a rather laborious process. Therefore, I decided to make the product paid. Nevertheless, I have a great love for open source products and I try to develop them myself, by the way, check out the Trello Bookmark ( and subscribe to my updates - this is not my last open-source product.
I like it. Very comfortable tool for different workspaces in Chrome. For every my project I have created separate user in Chrome, so all opened tabs related to this project are organized in one space. If I receive link by any messenger or another external app, then with Account Surfer I can directly open it in required workspace.
@andres_a thank you! :)
Anna Filou
Tech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator
So this is similar to Firefox’ containers extension? But for Chrome?
@anna_0x Chrome has accounts by default. But with Account Surfer you can easily switch between them and set the rules, where links should be opened :)